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Our CEO Dr Anand Jacob Verghese receiving the Fellow award for Aeronautical Society of India from President Mr. VK Saraswat at 67th AGM at Mumbai   |    "KCG College of Technology has received Awards for Educational Excellence and Education Technology at Indo-American Education Summit - 2016"   |    ​"​ Hearty Congratulations ! Dr.Krishnamoorthy HoD/CSE, Dr. Govindaraju, Professor /Mech.Dept., Dr.Deepa Jose Asso.Professor/ECE ​have been approved as recognized research supervisors under Anna University​​​"   |​   "Recognized as Centre for research by Anna University in the Department of CSE / ECE / EEE / MECH / Physics"    
SIIP Award 2016
SIIP Award 2016
India Skills 2016
Nikesh Kumar Certificate award
ICICA 2015

Placement and Training

Bridging Opportunities.
Building Careers.


KCG continues to attract leading organizations across different industries at its campus interviews every year. An active Placement Cell ensures that students receive the necessary support, training and direction they need to choose the right jobs and perform well in interviews.

"...their job knowledge and general aptitude are excellent."- WIPRO

"...they have the committment in performing the job well."- DELL


Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Avenues for innovation and entrepreneurship


KCG understands the value of empowering its student community with tools and opportunities that augment skills that is vital, today. Innovation and Entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand in scaling core competence, building a nation�s economy and pursuing dreams.

i-Cell and e-Cell were established on May 6, 2009 to guide and encourage our students to take up projects that evolve with new, fresh ideas and challenge conventional boundaries through their creativity.

HYLC Testimonials
  • Kirish Raj, President, The Bilderberg Conference
    It was a great conference. I've really come to like and respect the HYLC brand. Despite the difficulties, the secretariat and the OC has done a commendable job. Congrats for a job well done!
  • Harsh Khara, Dep. President, UNGA-DISEC
    Thank you for the brilliant experience. It was an absolute honour to be associated with HYLC 2015. Hope to be back next year.
  • Vishal V. Dep. President, UNSC
    One of the most impeccably organized MUNs I have ever attended. Hats off to Varun, Prathik and Marvin!
  • Shouryadiptia Sarkar
    Good conference, very good food, amazing personalities and excellent accommodation.
  • Jerry George Thomas, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai.
    HYLC maintained it's usual standard and didn't disappoint. The food and the speakers were easily the highlights of the conference. Everything was very well organized and meticulously arranged and as a delegate, I felt at home. For a conference with just 4 councils to attract so many delegates, speaks for itself. Looking forward to HYLC 2016
  • Nilesh Nahar, Jain University, Bangalore.
    Being the first HYLC I've attended, the whole experience of the conference has been something I shall carry on for a great quantum of time. Be it the debate quality or the warm hospitality. It is a conference to look forward to every year!
  • Farhan Faisal, IP, REC, Chennai
    HYLC simulated one of the most interesting and unique committees. This is why HYLC has a vantage point over other MUNs . In addition to that, the speakers were nothing short of brilliant. Farhan Faisal, IP, REC, Chennai.
  • Namit Sharma, Guru Nanak Institutions, Hyderabad.
    The experience was quiet amazing. Most of the delegates were extremely well researched. Chennai MUNs are known for high standards of debate and my council lived up to the expectations. The hospitality was brilliant. I'm waiting to delegate in HYLC 2016.
  • Sruthakeerthi Mohan Ram, ICAT, Chennai.
    HYLC's undying commitment to simulate a novel council like the Bilderberg is laud worthy. This is the first time I've been to HYLC and it couldn't be a better council. A special shout-out to Marvin for his marketing efforts
  • Ananthakrishnan Narasimhan, Chief Editor, VIT Chennai.
    HYLC was a brilliantly-organized experience; the Organizing Committee were absolutely wonderful, polite and well-coordinated. The level of debate was considerably high! The caterers were fantastic, and the guests invited were highly relevant to the event and had very valuable and memorable inputs to give the audience.
  • Karthik Nidadovolu, Hyderabad.
    I thing I really love about HYLC is the kind of speakers you get. Simply awesome. One can see the efforts put by the organizing committees to have such a brilliant conference without a single hitch. Debating with the most experienced MUNers in the circuit was a wonderful experience. A big cheers to KC TECH and all those involved in the organizing of HYLC 2015.
  • Samiya Nasim, SSN College of Engineering
    HYLC holds a special place in my heart because the 2013 edition was my very first MUN. The organization of this edition was even better than the 2013 edition. The OC went out of their way to ensure that all the participants were comfortable. It felt good to be back. Thank you.
  • Sudharshan Venkatesan, University of Waterloo, Ontario.
    Needless to say, HYLC was a grand success in anyone's books. It has been one of the most memorable experiences for me. While the agendas were sometimes perplexing it definately worked out well for the Organizing Committee. I don't know about past editions but from what I've heard, the 2015 edition has really raised the bar of MUNs everywhere.
TedxKcg Videos
  • KCG College
  • Anita Ratnam:
    The Three Goddesses in my Life
  • Marti Bharath:
  • Yuvraj Pandian:
    How not to be a Zombie
  • George Mathew:
    The Sound of Ubuntu
  • Ashwin Ramesh:
    Starting from Scratch
  • Paul Basil:
    How to make the poor richer?
  • Preetha Pulusani:
    The Ecosystem for Innovation in India
  • Suresh Iyer:
    The Evolution of Electronic Content
  • Ed DeGenaro & Ujjayinee Roy:
    When Life Imitates Art
  • Jitendar Sai:
    Reaching for the Sky
  • Mansoor Khan:
    The Third Curve
  • Dharmesh Jadeja:
    Tracing The Invisible
  • Uma Prajapati:
    A Girl from Bihar who wanted to be a Designer
  • Dr. Kumarasamy:
    Fighting HIV
  • Sebastian Cortes:
    The World through my Lens
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"...KCG gave me an excellent platform to develop my technical skills to be in the Toppers List..."

"...the knowledge and guidance provided to me helped me crack the placement interviews..."

"...provided me with an educational environment that maximized potential for learning and growth..."


Student's Testimonials


"...As an alumnus of KCG it gives me immense pleasure to convey my feeling and experience during my college life. It was a great experience to be a part of this Institution. KCG has given me all the skills which are necessary to excel in the professional world. It not only taught me professionalism but also guided me in the right path by giving me valuable inputs which ultimately fetched a good job for me."
- Selvin George, ECE, 2007 batch


"...The college has conducted many seminars which has inspired me to study computer courses simultaneously to help me to have additional skillsets in my resume. The college gave an opportunity for all of us to write (PAC-Professional Aptitude Council) assessment to prepare thoroughly with regards to aptitude, basic computer skills and reasoning skills. Overall, the college did not only provide the engineering course but also these additional mandatory programs which navigated us to a wonderful career. thanks to KCG..."
- Francis Xavier, EEE, 2007 batch


"...I would like to especially mention the very efficient placement services provided by KCG. The placement officers worked hard to help the students begin their careers with the best companies in the nation. I am very thankful to them for having helped me find an opportunity to work with L&T Infotech, one of the leading IT companies in India."
- G. Vidhya, ECE, 2007 batch


"...KCG provided me with an educational environment that maximized my potential for learning and growth. Dedicated professors made it possible to receive individual attention with specific feedback on my work and progress. Additionally, I felt that the classes really prepared me to enter the professional world."
- A. Sharanya, ECE, 2007 batch


"...The faculty members were very friendly and always available for academic consultation for the students to clarify their doubts. They often went out of their way to provide career counselling and advice to help the students shape their future careers."
- S. Soumya, CSE, 2007 batch


"...I had a really wonderful experience at KCG. i had the time of my life at the college, an experience which i wouldn't trade for anything else in the world. The college allowed me to have great fun as a student, but also placed serious emphasis on engineering education and provided a great learning experience."
- J. Saraswathi, ECE, 2007 batch


"...Though I was not a topper in school, KCG gave me an excellent platform to develop my technical skills to be in the Toppers List and also on how to face the competitive world in the present scenario. The Placement Cell at KCG helped me in getting a good job in the IT Industry and I would like to thank the team for their splendid efforts in kickstarting my career."
- S. Nandhini, ECE, 2008 batch


"...Three things that enchanted me when I joined the college were the grand Orientation Programme, good teaching and the friendly faculty. About the infrastructure of the college I have to mention that it has lab facilities and a well equipped library. The knowledge I gained in various subjects helped me crack the placement interviews. I have got placed in MindTree Ltd., and am enjoying a great career. I thank KCG College of Technology for all the support I have got during my college days, which is helping me a lot even today."
- Hiranmayee Sampath, CSE, 2007 batch